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Attention Test

By | Fun, Team | One Comment

There comes a time when one should put on hold its tasks, take a step back and try to have a new look on the problem. You’ll start seeing other details too. This is the key message that was point out to us, Innobyte’s Project Managers, one QA tester and me, the other day. Our CEO invited us to take…

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PHP Challenge

By | Development, Team | 10 Comments

On Friday, Alin D. has given our team the following PHP problem to solve:   if (SOMETHING) {     echo ‘Hello’; } else {     echo ‘ world’; } He asked our colleagues to replace SOMETHING, so that the outcome would be Hello World.   At the end of the day, Alin showed the solutions he received: 1….

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A different kind of Friday

By | Team | No Comments

Here at INNOBYTE, we treasure every day of the week. We come to work joyful, because our team is awesome and our projects are challenging enough. From time to time, we have fun with internal challenges. Last Friday, was like no other Friday, because all of our team members were asked to come at work dressed in Black &White. And…

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7 INNOyears

By | Team | One Comment

Cătălin, our dearest CEO, celebrates today his 7th year within the company. We are grateful for your vision and your leadership to guide us at all times. Thank you for making INNOBYTE such an awesome company! Let there come many years filled with wisdom and… happy clients!

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Gaining Magento territory

By | Magento, Team | No Comments

Being great at programming takes a lot of studying and practice. Our team has understood the challenges of Magento, so that today we have our 7th Magento Certified Developer! Gabi is now Magento Certified Developer Plus. Congratz, Gabi! Also, our extensions are available on Magneto Connect, as well. Check them out here.

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