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How we learned to love Mondays

By | Blog, Team

Even though it is just another day of the week, we can agree that Monday is the most difficult one for many of us. You know the story: the weekend is over and you have to wake up early. The traffic is awful and everybody’s grumpy. Once again, Monday wins the award for the worst day of the week. We…

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We are better together – Happy Valentine’s Day!

By | Blog, Fun

Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers, but for awesome colleagues too. Our people are our greatest asset! We’ve created a culture that encourages our members to exceed their limits, reaching the peak of their potential and delivering the best results. We’ve built a transparent and friendly work environment so that our team can embrace any challenge with confidence….

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A journey into the heart of Innobyte

By | Blog, Fun, Team | No Comments

We all know that the work environment is very important for everybody, right? It’s simple: happy employees sustain a continuous growing business. However, here, at Innobyte, we are more than happy employees; we like to think of ourselves as a family, and each and every one of us has its important role and place in the heart of Innobyte.   A perfect place to…

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By | Offline, Team | One Comment

Today, we had an internal contest. Not on writing code or Project Management skills, but on…cooking! Our relaxation room was transformed into a food court where the fine experts of Innobyte could taste and note the delicious food cooked by members of our team. Chocolate ruled the deserts area, while in the serious food area, fish and chicken had their…

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Innobyte at Business B1, B1 TV

By | Offline | No Comments

Last Sunday, on 24th March, we had the pleasure of being guests at the Romanian TV channel B1 TV, for the TV talk-show called ”Business B1”. Ana Maria Tepus, the presenter of this show, has invited us to talk about Innobyte’s activity and our team’s efforts in developing online stores (serious web development, as we like to say). For a…

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Hello, world!

By | Projects | No Comments

Each WordPress blog begins with a “Hello, world” post. Oh well, I have officially joined the Innobyte team  for… one day now, so it is my turn to come to you and say “Hello”. My name is Andreea and I am the new voice of Innobyte. Marketing & PR Officer they call me. As for myself, I like to say…

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Hello! We are Innobyte.

By | Design, Development, Projects, SEO | No Comments

As you read on the about us page, we are a team specialised in web development. We care about improving the web so we want to share our knowledge with you. We will speak on this blog about new web techonolgies, programming techniques,  SEO skills, design inspiration, projects we work on, and other interesting things related to web development that…

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